The art film "Cemeteries of Uniforms and Liveries", which I shot for artist Luke Willis Thompson, was nominated for a Turner Prize and is exhibited at Tate Britain from 26 September until 6th of January 2019. 

Commissioned by the Institute of Modern Art Brisbane


Tate Britain, 2018 / 2019

Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal, 2016

Institute of Modern Art Brisbane, 2016

Nigel Draxler Gallery, Berlin, 2016

16 mm, black and white reversal

"Thompson's first-ever film work, precisely appropriates the technical specifications of Andy Warhol’s screen tests. This new work is at once a remake and a reconfiguration, introducing the politics of race largely absent from Warhol’s films; of the 472 individual Screen Tests Warhol produced, less than five featured people of colour. Thompson’s screen test brings race, violence, and grief to the fore by focusing on the descendants of victims of police brutality in London prior to the subsequent riots of 2011." IMA